Thursday, January 09, 2020

January 4-10
Daniel: from Jerusalem to Babylon

It's not often you get a "win-win" deal like this.

I mean, we're always getting kids with funny ideas — I remember one, for instance, who refused to wear the color blue . . . 

So when a new shipment shows up, I’m not surprised when four of them tell me they’ve got problems with our food; it happens all the time, right?

And like always, I tell them that making my life more difficult is not a good idea . . . 

But these four — they surprise me. Yeah, they offer me a deal: they say they’ll gladly eat the cheap stuff. The rabbit-food. The junk we use to “dress up” the main-dish . . . 

And me? I get to decide if they’re going to keep eating the cheap stuff.

So I’ll bet you’re wondering what’s happened to all the really expensive stuff — all the really expensive food they’re not getting anymore?

Well . . . like I said, it’s a “win-win” deal!

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