Wednesday, January 01, 2020

December 28 - January 3
From Reading to Understanding

The Book of Daniel is for losers.

It's the stories, remember, of people taken hostage — taken hostage, and forced to serve an empire where nothing is safe:
  • Not the king of your country.
  • Not the Temple of your God.
  • And no, not even your name — not if the empire wants it changed.
In short, it's a book about people who seem to have lost all control of their lives . . . 

And you know what we call those kind of people.

If you really want to understand the Book of Daniel, in other words, then you can’t read it in a place where you feel safe and secure — in your favorite chair, perhaps, or the sanctuary of a church.

No, you need to read it while you’re waiting trial . . . 

Or hear it late at night, when most of the guards are asleep . . . 

Or remember it when they offer you a way “to make all this a little easier.”

You see, it’s times like these that you learn just what Daniel was facing.

And it’s times like these that you need the message of Daniel — the message that losers can outlast an empire.

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