Monday, May 27, 2019

The 29th Fundamental

Nominations are now open for a new Fundamental Belief of the Seventh-day Adventist Church . . .

And while satire is always welcome, please be sure to label it as such; these days, it's sometimes difficult to tell the difference between satire and a sincere expression of belief.

Life Before Portlandia

Believe it or not, Portland was not always the kind of place where you could spend ten dollars on a donut and a cup of coffee - and as proof, I'm going to be posting the occasional glimpse into LIFE BEFORE PORTLANDIA.
On today's menu: "A Day Called X." Filmed in 1957, it's a mock-documentary about the evacuation of Portland in the face of a nuclear attack . . . and crazy as this sounds, it's based on an actual Civil Defense drill that took place in 1955 (i.e. OPERATION GREENLIGHT).
Myself, I enjoy it for the reminders of what Portland looked like, back in the days when men wore hats and the only vegetarian restaurant in town was the Portland Adventist Santiarium.
(And yes, "the San" did take part in this drill.)

Oh well . . .

It's time I face facts and admit that I have absolutely nothing to say about this quarter's Sabbath School lessons.


So . . . I won't even try to post something about the lessons; instead, I'm going to repost the same stuff  I post for the Oregon pastor's page on Facebook.