Monday, April 30, 2018

This week's lesson (April 28 - May 4): Christ in the Heavenly Sanctuary

Back in the day, you needed three things to meet with God:
  • You needed a special place (i.e. a temple).
  • You needed a special gift (i.e. a sacrifice).
  • And you needed a special person to act as go-between (i.e. a priest).
And yes, you still need them all -- but in Christ, we have all three. 
  • Yes, Jesus is our temple ((John 2:15-21).
  • Jesus is our priest (Hebrews 8:1-6).
  • And Jesus is our sacrifice (Romans 3:25).
You don't need anything (or anyone) else to meet with God, in other words.

No, Jesus does everything we need.

That's because Jesus is everything we need.

Monday, April 09, 2018

This week's lesson (April 21-27): Salvation and the End Time

Can you know that you are married?


Should you take it for granted?


Now replace the word "married" with "saved."


This week's lesson (April 14-20): Jesus and the Book of Revelation

Don't worry about the Time of Trouble -- not the one in Revelation 12-14, at any rate.

Before it begins, remember, God has sealed His people -- all 144,000 of them . . . 

And no, what follows next isn't pretty: the Devil goes after those people with everything he's got. Like an unholy Marine Corps, he attacks the 144,000 by air, land, and sea.

And when he's done.

God has not lost a single one of His people; no, He's still got all 144,000. 

In short, God's people have nothing to fear -- not even in the worst of all worse-case scenarios.

And if you really don't need to worry about the Time of Trouble . . .

Then why should you worry about anything else?

This week's lesson (April 7-13): Daniel and the End Time

The Book of Daniel does not have a beanstalk.

But it's definitely a story about giant-killers.

Just like Jack in the fairy-tales, after all, Daniel is up against some pretty big bad-guys.

And just like the giants in those fairy-tales, Daniel's enemies are stupid, cruel, violent, and capricious.

In fact, they're downright beastly.

And no, I won't give away the ending -- you need to read it for yourself.

But the next time you're up against giants, you may want to take a tip from Daniel: "The bigger they are," he'd tell you, "the harder they fall . . . "

The same as that giant on Jack's bean-stalk.

Monday, April 02, 2018

This week's lesson (March 31 - April 6): the Cosmic Controversy

On some other world, possibly it is different. Better. There are clear good and evil alternatives. Not these obscure admixtures, these blends, with no proper tool by which to untangle the components. -- Philip K. Dick, The Man in the High Castle
"And there was war in Heaven" -- a war that pitted God against Satan, Good against Evil, the Forces of Light against the Forces of Darkness" . . . 

In Heaven, yes.

Here on earth?

It's a little more complicated.

And it's not that good and evil don't exist . . . that we can't choose between them . . . and that our choices don't make a difference.

No, all of these things are true.

But not every disagreement is the Battle of Armageddon -- in fact, there's usually a little bit of good, even in the worst of Them . . . and a little bit of bad, even in the best of Us.

And again, this doesn't mean our choices don't make a difference.

But when we choose, let us do so with humility.

When we disagree, let us do so with kindness.

And if we must fight, then let us do so with the knowledge that God loves Them just as much as He loves Us.

There may be a war in Heaven, after all.

But that doesn't mean we're always fighting it here on Earth.