Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Building habits

Starting a new habit is easy.

Keeping at it long enough to make it part of your life . . . now that is tough!

That's why I appreciate this great idea from Jerry Seinfeld (yes, that Jerry Seinfeld) on how to keep on keeping on. (And yes, it works with exercise, devotions, working in the yard -- anything!)

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Monday, July 23, 2007

This may explain why Anglican bishops are sometimes called "primates."

Okay, so in that last packet of material we got from the Conference, there was an advertisement for the NAD Church Resource Center's "Vervent Worship Conferences."

And ever since then, pastors have been asking me, "What's a 'vervent'?" Is it a noun (as in "this worship converence is for vervents only") or an adjective (as in "this conference will make your worship service more vervent")?
  • The dictionary's no help -- there's no such word.
  • Googling "vervent" gives the name of a tech company, the name of a string quartet, and the NAD Church Resource Center's website -- but that's it.
  • And while it's just barely possible that the NAD has decided to confuse us all by making up a word (as in "verve + fervent = vervent"), I wasn't able to find any explanation on its website as to why the NAD might have done this (much less what "vervent" means).
That's why I've come to believe that "vervent" is a typo; in actual fact, the NAD is advertising a worship conference for vervets. And why not?
  • They're cute.
  • They're sociable.
  • And since they don't smoke, don't drink, and are pretty much vegetarians already, vervets are obviously prime candidates for some kind of outreach by the church.