Tuesday, July 31, 2018

This week's Adult Sabbath School lesson (July 28 - August 3): the Conversion of Paul

You weren't there when it happened.

No, you didn't watch your friends and family getting dragged off to jail.

You didn't stay awake nights, wondering if you should stay-put and risk arrest, or take-off and live in exile.

And you didn't see what they did to Stephen - what he and his friends did to Stephen . . . 

But if you had, then you'd understand.

And sure - now he says that he's a believer . . . now he says that God has forgiven him . . . and now he says that he wants to worship with us?

Well, you can do what you want.

But if you'd gone through what I've gone through, then you'd understand why I could never forgive a man like Saul!

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