Monday, April 09, 2018

This week's lesson (April 14-20): Jesus and the Book of Revelation

Don't worry about the Time of Trouble -- not the one in Revelation 12-14, at any rate.

Before it begins, remember, God has sealed His people -- all 144,000 of them . . . 

And no, what follows next isn't pretty: the Devil goes after those people with everything he's got. Like an unholy Marine Corps, he attacks the 144,000 by air, land, and sea.

And when he's done.

God has not lost a single one of His people; no, He's still got all 144,000. 

In short, God's people have nothing to fear -- not even in the worst of all worse-case scenarios.

And if you really don't need to worry about the Time of Trouble . . .

Then why should you worry about anything else?

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