Thursday, December 07, 2017

This week's lesson (December 2-8): Children of the Promise

It's tough to explain just why somebody loves you.
I've been married 33-years, for instance -- but if you asked why my wife still loves me after all those years, then any reason I gave would sound pretty silly.
  • If I said she loves me "because I'm so good looking," for instance, then I'd sound like an idiot.
  • And if I said she needs to love me because I'm so good looking -- in fact, she has no choice in the matter. . . then I don't just sound like an idiot. No, I sound like a creepy idiot!
  • In fact, the only reason I could give that doesn’t make me sound like an idiot . . . is to say I don’t understand it; I don't know why she loves me -- but for some reason that only she knows, Narelle has chosen to be in love with me.
Yes, it's her choice -- not mine!

It's something she does -- not me!

Likewise, Paul says we're saved because God chooses to save us.
Not because we're so nice.
Not because we're so good-looking.
No, nothing we can do will make God love us (any more than anything I can do will make my wife love me.)
And yes, we have some choice in the matter . . . 
But so does God.

And for reasons we'll never be able to understand (much less explain) . . . 

He's chosen to love us.

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