Friday, October 20, 2017

This week's lesson (October 14-20): the Human Condition

I like Romans 1:18-32.

But Romans 2:1-29?

Not so much.

Mind you, I've nothing against them personally -- as I've said before, some of my best friends are Gentiles . . . but taken as a group, we all know what they are like:
  • Gossips.
  • Idolators.
  • Sexual predators.
Yes, they're everything Paul says they are in Romans 1:18-32 -- and while it may not be politically correct, somebody's got to say it!

Hearing those verses, as a matter of fact, reminds me of the time somebody was talking about The Wisdom of Solomon during the potluck  -- you know, the part where it talks about idolators and "their shameless uncleanness" . . .  and I'm not saying those Gentiles were glad to hear it.

But they needed to hear it!

That's why I don't have any problem with anything Paul says about them . . .

But why did he say all those bad things about us?

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