Friday, June 02, 2017

This week's lesson (May 27-June 2): Prophecy and Scripture

You know the drill:
1. An issue comes up -- could be weddings rings, could be same-sex marriage, could be the age-old question of "Will my dog be in heaven?" . . . but whatever it is, it seems to pit the personal experience of church members against the message of Scripture and/or Ellen White. 
2. A team of theological experts is assigned to look into this issue -- and after much study, a report is issued that explains What Inspiration Actually Says About this Subject (WIASAS). 
3. Upon completion of the WIASAS report, the issue is Official Declared to be Settled (ODS), and the church moves on . . . 
Or not.

Now compare this with what happens in 2 Peter 1:16-20:
1. The author gives his story, i.e. what he actually experienced. 
2. The author gives the message of Scripture, i.e. what it actually says. 
3. And the author explains how he story of his personal experience helps shape his understanding of Scripture . . . AND his reading of Scripture helps shape how he understands his own personal experience.
In short, it's not Personal Experience OR the Meaning of Scripture that is definitive; instead it's the two of them acting on each other in a kind of interpretative dance.

All of which suggests that the issues of our day need more than just a team of experts to tell us What Inspiration Actually Says About this Subject.

No, we also need to hear what all of God's people are saying about this subject, based on God's leading in their lives..

And then we all need discover just how these two messages -- Scripture and Experience -- can both inform each each in our church.

Just like they do in 2 Peter 1:16-20.

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