Friday, December 09, 2016

This week's lesson (December 3-9): Out of the Whirlwind

One thing is clear about God's speech in Job 38-41:

Nobody expected it.

Job and his friends spend 30-some chapters discussing The Problem of Evil, remember -- and then God breaks in with what?

With a quick tour of His creation -- with a quick tour of All Things Bright and Beautiful (as well as Some Things Dark and Scary).

And yes, there are all kinds of ways we try to make sense of God's speech:
  • Maybe He's trying to overawe Job with His power.
  • Maybe He's pointing out that people are just a very small part of a very big universe.
  • And maybe God decides the one thing Job really needs right now is a trip to the zoo.
But it's worth remembering that God doesn't always answer our questions.
In fact, He doesn't always ask the same questions we do.
In short, we may come to God with our questions, our concerns, our requests . . . 
And God may answer them.
Or God may change the subject.
And if God changes the subject?
Then maybe we shouldn't be surprised.

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