Monday, December 12, 2016

This week's lesson (December 10-16): Job's Redeemer

If all you have is a hammer . . . 
Then when do you stop treating all of your problems like nails?
Consider the three friends of Job -- three friends who have one (and only one) explanation for Job's suffering: he must have done something to deserve it.
Now you know that's not true; that's because you've read the first two chapters of this book. 
But Job's friend's never do learn the truth. 
No, they just keeping banging away with the only answer they have: "It's karma," they keep telling Job. "It must be karma. I mean, what other explanation do we have?"
Dumb, right?
That's why I'm beginning to believe the Book of Job is not about The Problem of Evil; instead, it's a book about The Limits of Wisdom . . . 
Or rather, what happens when you reach the limits of your wisdom.
If all you have is a hammer, after all, then do you make the same mistake as Job's friends, i.e. do you insist that all problems must be nails?
Or do you pause -- like Job?
Reflect -- like Job?
And start looking for something better?

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