Friday, November 18, 2016

This week's lesson (November 12-18): innocent blood

Job says he's innocent -- that he's done nothing to deserve all the bad things happening to him.

And maybe that's true.

Maybe it's not.

But at least he's not making it easy.

He could have "dumbed down" righteousness, after all -- made it something so easy that anyone can do. "I am a good man," he might have said . . .
  • "Because I do not own a TV."
  • "Because I do not eat cheese."
  • "And because I always study my Sabbath School lesson."
Job doesn't do that.

Instead, he talks about the way he's treated other people -- especially those less powerful than himself. "I am a righteous man," he says in the 31st chapter of this book.
  • "I have not denied justice to my servants."
  • "I have not used my influence in court against the poor."
  • "But I have shared my food with the poor, and comforted both orphans and widows."
When Job claims to be righteous, in other words, he means that he's been good to those in need.
And maybe that's true.
Maybe it's not.
But if it's not, then at least he failed at something important.
And that's better than succeeding at something trivial.

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