Sunday, September 25, 2016

This week's lesson (September 24-30): The End

This quarter's lessons on Job begins at the end of the book.

Which is not a bad place to start.

As the quarterly notes, the ending of Job is incomplete; it's solution to the problem of suffering is only partial. While the Book of Job is important, in other words, more is needed.

Which is true of more than just the Book of Job.

No book of the Bible says everything that needs to be said, after all -- and while some may be more relevant than others at any given time, they all have something to say.

That's why we need more than just the Book of Job to learn about suffering.

That's why we need more than just the Book of Romans to learn about salvation.

Yes, that's why we need to study the whole Bible, and not just a "mini-canon" we've compiled from a few, favorite verses.

And that's why we should always remember that our understanding of the Bible is still tentative and incomplete.

In short, our questions don't end when we study the Bible.

In fact, they're just beginning.

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