Sunday, March 13, 2016

This week's lesson (March 12-18): the Church Militant

Seven churches in the Book of Revelation . . .

And not one of them you'd want to attend.

Take Ephesus, for instance -- and yes, it's a hard-working church. Doctrinally correct. The kind of place where the potlucks always run on time (and they never run out of dessert).

But when it comes to love . . . sorry -- they're just not into that kind of touchy-feely stuff.

The rest are no better:
  • Smyrna? Definitely a church for the downwardly-mobile.
  • Pergamum? Too many weirdos.
  • Thyratira? All kinds of lifestyle issues.
  • Sardis? Spiritual zombies.
  • Philadelphia? Weak.
  • As for the church in Laodecia . . . it's nothing but a bunch of hypocrites!
No, all of these churches have problems; all of them exemplify everything that's wrong with organized religion . . .

Yet Jesus is there for them all -- yes, He cares for them, walks among them, has not yet given up on them . . .

In short, He's not too good for them.

And if Jesus doesn't think He's too good for these churches . . .

Then where else are you going to find Him?

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