Sunday, March 27, 2016

This week's lesson (March 26 - April 1): Son of David

Even a glance at Christ's genealogy is enough to tell you he had a lot of ancestors.
  • Some good.
  • Some not-always-so-good.
  • And some completely unknown.
And yes, I'm thankful for this last group too.

It's easy to believe, after all, that God used good people -- people such as Boaz, Ruth, and Hezekiah.

It's possible to believe God used people who are not-always-so-good -- people such as Abraham, Jacob, and David.

In fact, I can even accept God using people who are downright evil, nasty, and rotten -- people like Manasseh.

But Jeconiah, Shelatiel, and Azor?

Never heard of them.

Yet there they are: just as much as part of Christ's ancestry as the celebrities on this list.

As such, the remind me that God uses all kinds of people: good and the bad, the famous and the infamous . . . and yes, even the not-so-famous -- people like Jeconiah, Shelatiel, and Azor.

Not to mention all the women -- women whose very names have been lost!

To be sure, nothing they did may have seemed all that important while they were alive.

In death, even the little they did was quickly forgotten.

But unimportant as they seem to be, they are still part of a bigger story; in fact, they're just as much a part of Christ's story as the people I've heard about.

In short, you don't need to be famous to make a difference.

You just need a God who is.

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