Sunday, January 10, 2016

This week's lesson (January 9-15): Global rebellion and the Patriarchs

If anyone's ever come up with a worse plan, then I have yet to hear it.
The message of Genesis, remember, is that the Creator of the Universe -- the Ruler of Time and Space -- has put all His eggs in one basket.
And it's the scruffiest-looking basket you ever saw.
Yes, God has decided the best way to resolve the Great Controversy is to strike up a friendship with a miserable band of desert nomads -- the kind of nomads who would get kicked out of Jersey Shore for their lack of class. 
I mean, they lie. They cheat. They betray members of their own family -- and don't get me started on who they sleep with!
No, if God's plans depend on people like these, then He must be running out of options.
Which is true.
  • You think He should deal just with perfect people in a perfect world? He tried that.
  • You think He should leave people alone to sort things out for themselves? The story of Cain and Abel (not to mention everything else that happens between the Fall and the Flood) tells you how that works out.
  • As for hitting the "RESET" button and beginning again? Tempting . . . but the aftermath of the Flood (i.e. both Noah's nap and the Tower of Babel) suggests that's not going to work.
In short, God's been there, done that -- and if He chooses now to work with Abraham, and Jacob, and all the other miscreants you'll find in the Book of Genesis . . . 
Then don't be surprised if He works with the people around you -- the people who drive you crazy at work, at church, and in your family.
To be sure, you may not think much of the people God uses.
Then again, what kind of alternative does He have?

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