Sunday, January 17, 2016

This week's lesson (January 16-22): Conflict & Crisis - the Judges

Children love stories that end "happily ever after."

Adults learn from the stories that don't.

While they seldom make pleasant reading, stories about things that go wrong can help us avoid a similar fate.
  • That's why hospitals have Post Mortem Committees.
  • That's why business students look at case studies of failed corporations.
  • And that's why we have the Book of Judges: a book about all the things that happens when God's people wander away from Him.
Granted, it's not all gloom and doom -- in fact, the book takes its name from the "judges" (or "deliverers") God uses to rescue His people from their just desserts.

Then too, God doesn't send these judges because His people have finally shaped up. No, He sends them because He is "moved by pity" for their distress.

Finally, the judges He sends are an amazing testament to God's grace; if He can use people like Jael and Samson, after all, then there ain't nobody He can't use.

But in the end, there's only so much that God can do for the people who continually reject Him.

That's why Judges doesn't end "happily ever after."

But read it carefully -- learn from it's examples . . . and maybe you will.

(This lesson is adapted from my book, The QuickStart Guide to the Bible, published by the Pacific Press Publishing Association (c) 2002.)

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