Wednesday, September 16, 2015

This week's lesson (September 12-18): Paul - Mission & Message

There's more to evangelism than the Book of Acts.

Read the Book of Acts, after all, and it seems as though evangelism is nothing more than a a series of road trips -- road trips in which:
  • Paul arrives in a new town.
  • He preaches a series of sermons.
  • And having baptized the results of his preaching, Paul moves on.
But read Paul's letters, and you'll notice Paul never did move on -- not completely.
  • No, he keeps in touch -- through letters, messengers, and personal visits.
  • He counsels, rebukes, and advises church members on everything from their potlucks to their sex lives.
  • And he spends an extraordinary amount of time raising money for the poor in Jerusalem!
In short, Paul did more than more than just preach and baptize.
  • No, he also nurtures church members. 
  • He deals with their faults, their failures, and their fights with each other.
  • Yes, in today's language, he is their "pastor."
That's why it's important to look at everything Paul does -- not just his work as a traveling preacher.

Yes, take a look at everything Paul does, and you'll see there's more to evangelism . . .

Than just evangelism.

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