Monday, August 03, 2015

This week's lesson (August 1-7): Esther & Mordecai

Try to imagine Esther as a Student Missionary.

I dare you.

Missionaries are supposed to be deeply spiritual people, after all -- in fact, they are probably the closest thing we have to officially-recognized saints in the Adventist Church.

But Esther?
  • There's no mention of her praying.
  • There's no mention of her reading the Bible.
  • And if she's keeping a kosher home (much less keeping the Sabbath), then she's found a way to do so that nobody notices!
Add to that the nature of her "job" in the Persian court and it's clear: Esther would never make it through the screening-process for a Student Missionary . . .

And it's only with careful editing that you can use her for a children's story!

No, Esther is not a spiritual super-hero; she's not even "a member in good and regular standing."

But if God could use someone as "spiritually-challenged" as Esther -- someone whom better believers would never consider an equal . . .

Yes, if God's grace is enough for Esther, then think what it can do with you.

I dare you.

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