Monday, September 01, 2014

This week's lesson (September 6-12): the Sabbath

On Sabbath, we dress up.

And no, I'm not talking about the fact that I wear a tie at church.

But just like any good costume party, the Sabbath is a day we pretend to be something else -- or rather, the day we pretend to be somewhere else.
  • Not the Old West of cowboys and cavalry officers.
  • Not the Merry Old England of knights in shining armor.
  • Not even New Jersey with its . . . okay, definitely not New Jersey.
Instead, we spend the day acting as though we are in Heaven -- as though we lived in a place where we are all God's children. That's why:
  • On Sabbath, we pretend everyone is welcome.
  • On Sabbath, we pretend that everyone is important.
  • On Sabbath, we pretend all the things that divide us -- all the differences of race, income, education, and age -- don't matter.
Like children at Halloween, in other words, we can pretend that we are the people we want to be -- that we are people God wants us to be.
And someday, by God's grace, none of this will be just make-believe.
That's why we dress up on Sabbath.
You see, it's not just a day to dress up.

It's also a dress rehearsal.

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