Sunday, September 21, 2014

This week's lesson (September 20-26): The second coming of Jesus

Someday, I'm going to clean out that closet.

And you know the closet I'm talking about -- everybody has one. It's the closet where you put all the stuff that doesn't really belong anyplace else . . .

The hockey sticks and the umbrella stroller.

The mousetraps and the extension cords.

Your mother's wedding dress, and that giant tub of laundry-detergent you bought at Costco.

Yes, it's all been jammed in there (along with an ever-multiplying number of coat-hangers) -- and someday, you will open the door to that closet, find out what's in there, toss what need's to be tossed, and find a proper home for the rest.


But not today.

No, it's easier to keep the door shut -- to keep it shut, and get on with the rest of your life.

In much the same way, I suppose it would be easy enough for God to treat this world like that closet. Yes, He could shut the door. Lock it. Hang a large "Keep Out" sign on it. And let the rest of Creation get on with its life.

But God is not content until every closet door has been opened. Every captive has been freed. And everything that is good and holy and "right" has been put in its proper place.

And if God will do all that at the Second Coming . . .

Then what should we be doing today?

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