Tuesday, August 12, 2014

This week's lesson: living like Christ

Love is tough.

I don't just mean that it's tough to love other people. (And if you think loving your enemies is difficult, then just try loving some of your friends!)

But if love was just a matter of thinking nice thoughts, saying nice things, and inviting people to join you in the parlor for a nice cup of comfrey tea and a digestive biscuit . . .
  • Then love would be nice . . .
  • And love would be kind . . .
  • And love would certainly be comforting . . . 
But it wouldn't be God's kind of love.

God doesn't always treat us like children, after all -- children who need to be comforted.

No, there are times God treats us like adults:
  • Adults who need to be challenged.
  • Adults who need to be confronted.
  • Adults who need to grow up.
That's why God's infinite love sometimes leads Him to ask awkward questions . . . to give awkward answers . . . and to place us in awkward situations that we would not have chosen for ourselves.

In short, there are times when God's love is not very nice -- when it stirs up all kinds of trouble that nice people would rather avoid.

And if it leads us to act that way too . . .

Then love may be tough.

But if the Cross is any guide, then it's going to be a lot tougher on us than on them.

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