Sunday, August 31, 2014

This week's lesson (August 30-September 5): the law of God

Think of God's law as a conspiracy.

Every group has its own way of doing things, after all -- and everyone who joins that group soon starts doing things that way too.
  • If none of the other girls at school like of My Little Pony, for instance, then you learn to leave Dazzle Surprise at home.
  • If all the other guys at school wear brown Carhartt jackets, then it's easy to guess what you're going to want for Christmas.
  • If the people around you all believe that speed limits are for losers, then its only a matter of time before your car insurance rates start going up. 
And you can call it a custom, call it a law, call it "the way things ought to be" -- but you don't reject the way your group does things.
Not easily.
Not without some help.
No, you need to find other people who marches to that different drum -- other people who look at Ponyland, Carhartt jackets, and speed limits in the same, subversive way as yourself . . . 
And who encourage you to keep doing it too.
The name for such a group -- a group with an agenda that is feared, despised, or opposed by the majority?
A conspiracy.
That's why God's people get together -- yes, we huddle in our catacombs and cathedrals, and we whisper to each other the revolutionary idea that promises should be kept . . . and the elderly should be honored . . . and everyone should get a day off.
Sound reasonable?
Not to some people -- maybe not even to most.
But if God's law sounds reasonable to you . . . 
Then welcome to the conspiracy. 

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