Sunday, August 24, 2014

This week's lesson (August 23-29): our mission

Nothing's more contagious than enthusiasm.

And yes, you may pride yourself on your ironic detachment.

You may treat every cause with an inordinate amount of sarcasm.

In fact, you may be the kind of person who can't read the Declaration of Independence without adding subversive quote marks (as in, "We hold these 'truths' to be self-evident . . .").

Fine. No problem. I applaud your post-modern sensibility.

But let the right subject come up -- something you know about, something you care about, something that could be anything from movie adaptations of Marvel comics to the finer points of local-sourced cuisine . . . 

Anyway, whatever it is, it turns you into one of those arm-waving, collar-grabbing, spittle-flying geeks WHO POST THEIR OPINIONS IN CAPITAL LETTERS.

You know -- the kind of person you'd mock if they were that committed to any other subject.  

Again, that's fine. No problem. I applaud both your enthusiasm, and your willingness to share that enthusiasm with others.

But if you're going to be enthusiastic about something (and most people are).

And if you want to share that enthusiasm with others (and most enthusiasts do).

Then why not be enthusiastic about something important?

Just saying.

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