Tuesday, July 01, 2014

This week's lesson: our loving heavenly Father

It's easy to make God sound like a child-abuser.

I grew up with a view of salvation, for instance, that was basically Manichaean -- a view that pitted God the Father against God the Son.
  • The Father was a God of Justice, while the Son was a God of Love.
  • Justice demands punishment for our sins -- while Love begs forgiveness.
  • And since the God of Justice needed to punish somebody, He walloped His Son -- and let us off the hook.
And yes, this is good news . . . 
But it doesn't exactly leave me with warm and fuzzy feelings about the God who treats His Son this way!
That's why our doctrine of the Trinity is important -- our belief that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are not three gods, but one. And if that's true, then . . . 
Anything Jesus suffers, the Father suffers too.
Anything Jesus offers, the Father offers too.
And anyone Jesus forgives is forgiven, not in spite of the Father. No, "if you've seen me," said Jesus, "then you've seen the Father."
So if you've been saved by Jesus, then you've been saved by the Father too.

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