Wednesday, January 22, 2014

This week's lesson: discipling children

One thing I've learned about children?

They don't want to be children.

Watch them play, for instance, and you'll notice how much of their time is spent imitating adults.
  • That's why they love to "play house."
  • That's why they love to play with trucks. 
  • That's why they form packs and chase small, moving objects -- and if you don't think that's something adults love to to do, then you've obviously not been watching ESPN.
I was reminded of this at a recent meeting for pastors -- a meeting that focused on young-adults in our church. As part of this, a panel of young-adults discussed why they still attend . . . 
And for half of them, the reason was Pathfinders.
In a way, it was almost funny. We were looking for "new" and "cutting edge" ways to reach this particular group -- yet the most effective program turned out to be something that's been around for more than 50 years!
No, it wasn't the uniforms. It wasn't the marching. It wasn't even the camping trips.
But Pathfinders gave them a chance to make decisions; what's more, it gave them structure and guidance they needed to make good decisions.. 
And Pathfinders isn't the only way to do this. No, your Sabbath School class should be able to come up with other ways to give our children a safe place where they can practice being adults.
I mean, they really don't want to be children -- not forever. 
So why treat them that way?

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