Wednesday, January 01, 2014

This week's lesson: disciples & scripture

It was a dark and stormy night.


My family and I were attending camp meeting in the American Midwest, and the weather service had issued a tornado watch for that evening.

None of us had been through something like this before, but I'd grown up on stories of tornadoes -- my parents are from Kansas, after all . . . and if you've ever heard a tornado story, then you know they come in two forms:
  1. The siren goes off -- and they just barely make it to safety before the tornado hits.
  2. The siren goes off -- and they don't make it..
That's why I told my family to hurry to the shelter if they heard a siren. "You'll be safe if you make it to the hallway just outside our room," I told them. "That's the 'designated safe area' for our building -- but whatever you do, don't waste any time getting there!"

With that plan in mind, we all went to bed . . .

And the next thing I knew, I was standing in the hallway, clutching one child, while my wife came through the door behind me, clutching the other child.

So far, so good -- but as my wife closed the door behind her, I realized three things:
  1. The door locked automatically when it closed -- and none of us had a key.
  2. Since it was the "designated safe area" for the entire building, the hallway was rapidly filling up with people.
  3. And I was wearing only the clothes in which I'd gone to sleep -- and it was a warm night!
Now I'm told that pastors often dream about greeting their church members while wearing nothing but their underwear -- but so far as I know, I'm the only pastor who's ever actually done it.
But such are the power of stories -- the stories I'd grown up hearing about tornadoes.
Likewise, we are shaped by the stories of Scripture -- stories that can move us in powerful (and sometimes embarrassing) ways.
And if a few stories about tornadoes can have the effect they did on me . . . 
Then just think what all those stories in the Bible could do to you!

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Pastor Greg said...

In teaching this week's lesson, I'd suggest you by asking your class what their favorite stories from the Bible might be, and what effect these stories had on their lives.