Wednesday, October 02, 2013

This week's lesson: the heavenly sanctuary

This is not heaven.

If we get nothing else from this week's lesson, it's the fact that God does not have a local address -- no, there is no place in all Creation to which you could point and say, "There, that's where He hangs out when He's not on the job."
That's because God made the Universe -- it's His creation . . . and asking where God lives in our Universe is like asking where L. Frank Baum lives in the Land of Oz. ("Does he have an apartment in the Emerald City -- or maybe an estate out in Munchkinland?")
And yes, we can talk about the incarnation, and the tabernacle, and the Temple in Jerusalem -- but for now, let's nail down the simple fact that we don't need to go any place special in order to find God.
Which is another way of saying that we can find God any place. 
No matter where we might be in all this creation, in other words, we won't be in heaven.
But no matter where we are, we can go there from here.

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