Wednesday, September 18, 2013

This week's lesson: healing broken relationships

As Jesus said in Matthew 13:47ff, God's love is a net that pulls in all kinds of fish -- and some of them are definitely not keepers!

But prayer helps.

So does empathy.

And if worse comes to worse, I always have my Personal Aggravation Index (PAI).

The PAI helps me keep things in perspective; it does this by letting me rate the people who annoy me in three different areas: pain, intent, and frequency.

Pain (i.e. just how difficult is it to deal with this person?
1: meh
2: very unpleasant
3: this person makes my eyeballs bleed
Intent (i.e. just how much are they trying to aggravate me?)
1: they can't help it -- they were raised by wolves, and don't know how to deal with people..
2: they know it aggravates me, but they do it anyway.
3. they're doing it deliberately because they know it aggravates me!
Frequency (i.e. how often do I deal with this person?)
1. Once in a while
2. Frequently
3. Even when I try to avoid them, they come looking for me!
Once I've rated the person, then I add up their score:
1-3: Eh . . . it's not as bad as I thought.
4-6: Okay, we have a problem -- but this is fixable, right?
7-9: We're going to need a bigger boat!
Try it -- and see if it helps you!

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