Tuesday, August 06, 2013

This week's lesson: repentance

My dear Loosestrife:

Your suggestion that you encourage clients to repent of sins they've not committed is good in so far as it goes -- but as usual, it does not go far enough. Neurotic guilt is useful, after all, but limited in its effect.

No, you should encourage clients to repent of sins they don't commit -- but others do!
  • If a client is conservative, for instance, then make sure they lament the personal sins they'd never do themselves, viz. smoking, drinking, and watching HBO.  
  • But if a client is liberal, then encourage their attacks on the institutional sins they already abhor, viz. racism, sexism, and watching Fox News.
  • And if you are fortunate enough to have conservatives and liberals in the same Sabbath School class, then make sure both focus on the elephant in the other living room, while ignoring the elephant in their own.

In short, encourage your clients to "judge others, lest they judge themselves."

This will help them take pride in the sins they don't commit.

It will keep them from noticing the sins they do commit.

And it will help us deal with next week's lesson on unity!

Warmly yours,


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