Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This week's lesson: Acts 1:12 - 2:4

You don't always get the revival you want.

Consider the believers in Jerusalem, for instance -- a nice, cozy little group of people who would have found it relatively easy to pray "with one accord."
  • And with everyone in that group from Palestine, they shared a common language.
  • What's more, the apostles were right there with them -- and that made it obvious just who were the leaders of this group.
Yes, things were a lot more simple before the Day of Pentecost -- but then the Holy Spirit came upon them, and thousands of people joined in a single day.
  • That meant you'd go to church and be surrounded by strangers -- people you don't know.
  • That meant you'd go to church and be surrounded by foreigners -- people whose language you don't speak.
  • And sure enough, it wasn't long before all those strangers and foreigners started fussing about the church's leadership -- fussing about the leadership of the very same apostles who had been chosen by Jesus himself!
In short, the Day of Pentecost brought change -- wrenching change, the kind of change that most people try to avoid.

That's because we don't always get the revival we want.

But we always get the revival we need.

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Meredith, Jennifer, and Marisa said...

Pastor Greg,

I was moved when you said we don't always get the revival we want but the revival we need. As a 20-something SDA, I think some of the young adults in our need a revival but also pray that God leads us the way in which we must go. :-)

To being wise,