Thursday, September 16, 2010

Odds & Ends

  • Oddly enough, the weather here on the Oregon Coast has been exactly the same as the weather currently being enjoyed by my youngest daughter in Poland, i.e. it is cool and gray, with lots of rain.
  • It's difficult for me to preach on James 3 without feeling like a total hypocrite -- and maybe that's a good thing?
  • Regarding this week's Sabbath School lesson: the biggest problem with Paul's advice in Romans 14-15 is that it can turn into emotional blackmail, i.e. "I'm easily offended, so you must give in to me." So . . . how do we help the "weak" among us to grow up?
  • Having lugged two big bags of books around Vancouver Island on my last vacation, I finally broke down and bought a Kindle.  My first download: H. G. Wells' The Time Machine. It was free -- and besides, it seemed appropriate.
  • If I'm not chairing a meeting, then I find it helpful to be the one who takes minutes. First reason: nobody else wants to do it. Second reason: it needs to be done. Third reason: it reminds me that I'm not in charge. And last reason: it provides an fairly unobtrusive way to coach a new chair through the process of running a meeting.
  •  And I'll close with this quote from George MacDonald: "God is easy to please, but hard to satisfy."

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