Tuesday, March 02, 2010

"Pastor, I'm wondering if we could get together and talk . . . "

Sometimes it's a phone call; sometimes, it happens while I'm shaking hands after church . . .

But always, it's a church member asking that we get together and talk. Something has come up, in other words -- something heavy that requires my advice.

And I'm always glad to help -- but 90-percent of the time, they don't need to make an appointment. No, I can usually deal with it right then and there.

If I'm on the phone, I'll say something like, "I'd be glad to get together and talk; why don't you give me some idea of what's going on, so that I can be thinking about it."

And if it's after church, I'll say something like, "Well, I should be finished shaking hands in about five minutes or so -- if you're willing to wait here with me, we can talk about it then." (You'll notice, by the way, that I don't usually ask them to wait in my office; that's because I've found they tend to disappear before they get there. Instead, we usually end up talking on the front steps of our church.)

Now if turns out they need to make an appointment, then well and good.

But most of the time, as I said, I can get them the help they need, right then and there, in five-minutes or less.

(And next Tuesday, I'll talk about what to do when a stranger calls and asks for an appointment.)

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