Monday, March 15, 2010

Odds & Ends

  • This past week we've had hail, wind, sunshine, rain, and regular warnings to stay off the beach because of the unusually high surf. Must be time for spring vacation.
  • Any suggestions on a nice place to spend a week? Thanks to our VISA card, we can get free plane tickets to any place in the contiguous United States . . . but we've no idea where to go! (And yes, whatever place you suggest does need to have a good used-book store.)
  • The average American walks 1.4 miles per week.
  • I'm not sure why the language of business has been so steadily infiltrating our church, but I've found the Ridiculous Business Jargon Dictionary to be helpful -- both in understanding what some denominational leaders are saying, and in making sure I never say anything similar.
  • And I'll close with this quote: "Maybe you can't make a new beginning to your life. But you can make a new ending."

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David Hamstra said...

Santa Fe - the town basically reinvented itself as an artsy tourist destination in the early 20th cent.,_New_Mexico