Thursday, February 18, 2010

This week's lesson: faithfulness


A sower went forth to sow . . .

Stop. Given current demographics, farming is no longer a useful source of metaphors. Try again.

He walked into the classroom and sat down, just in time to catch the shy smile of the woman sitting next to him. He could have said something. He could have introduced himself. He could have invited her to grab a cup of coffee with him after class -- and there, they would have discovered . . .


We'll never know. Instead, he put his head down on his desk, and fell asleep.

Unsatisfactory. Try again.

Sitting there with a cup of coffee, he looked at her and realized, "This is it. This is the real thing. This is the kind of love that makes poets write, musicians sing, and movie producers try to sign somebody like Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts ('only younger') for the starring roles."

And then?

Well, the next two weeks were pretty intense -- but then they got tired of each other, and moved on.

Unsatisfactory. Try again.

They dated. They got married. They had kids, bought a house, worked hard . . . and then one day, they looked at each other and realized . . .

Please tell me this has a happy ending.

No. They looked at each other and realized . . . that somehow, over the years, they'd grown apart from each other -- and now they didn't love each other anymore.

Unsatisfactory. Try again.

They looked at each other and realized . . . they'd had their good times. They had their bad times. But through the years, their faithfulness to each other had been the soil in which their love had grown.

And great was the fruit of that love -- Amen..

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