Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Just say "yes"

Something to remember in these uncertain times:
  • If your Conference "suggests" it's time for you to move . . . 
  • But the district to which they tell you to move is the worst possible match you can imagine -- the kind of place that make you wonder what were they thinking when they decided to move you there . . .
  • Then you first words that should come out of your mouth are, "I'm always happy to go wherever the Conference sends me."
Here's why: at least twice I've seen church employees offered this kind of call -- the kind where you can't blame them for turning it down.

So they turned it down.

And then they were laid off.

And when they asked about a severance package, they were told, "I'm sorry, but you were offered another job . . . and when you turned it down, that meant we could eliminate your job without any need to pay you all of that other stuff."

So . . . make it clear that any place the Conference wants to move you is just fine and dandy -- in fact, it's downright peachy.

Mind you, there are a few questions you have . . . and you'd like to work through a few details before the actual move takes place . . . and you may even want to explore the thinking behind this move . . .

But would you actually turn down a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity such as this?

Certainly not!

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