Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stocking Stuffers

  • Yes, I'm on Facebook. Yes, I'd be happy to be your friend. No, I don't want to help you build a dungeon in Merlin's Castle.
  • The Great Recession is causing some changes here in the Oregon Conference: they're talking about a 5% cut in pay for pastors and teachers, and maybe even no campmeeting . . . but no, I'm not seeing anything that looks like The End of Life as We Know It, or even The Beginning of Something New. Question: what kind of changes are you seeing in your Conference because of the economy -- and what kind of changes would you like to see?. 
at day light morning we we[re] awoke by the discharge of the fire arm of all our party & a Selute, Shoute and a Song which the whole party joined in under our windows, after which they retired to their rooms were Chearfull all the morning -- after breakfast we divided our Tobacco which amounted to 12 carrots one half of which we gave to the men of the party who used tobacco, and to those who doe not use it we make a present of a handkerchief. The Indians leave us in the evening all the party Snugly fixed in their huts.
  • I received a present of Capt. L. a fleece hosrie Shirt Draws and Socks,
  • a pr. mockersons of Whitehouse,
  • a Small Indian basket of Gutherich,
  • two dozen white weazils tails of the Indian woman [Sacagawea],
  • and some black root of the Indians before their departure . . .
And that is my Christmas wish for you -- that you may find time that day for "a Selute, [a] Shoute and a Song," and that you might end it "all Snugly fixed in [your] huts."

Merry Christmas!

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Ansku said...

Merry Christmas to you, too!