Sunday, December 20, 2009

Odds & Ends

  • Looking back through my journal, I'm noticing that a typical day in April was 50-degrees and cloudy . . . a typical day in October was 50-degrees and cloudy . . .  and today it's 50-degrees and cloudy.
  • Just a reminder to everyone out there whose blog is trying to reinvent, re-imagine, or possibly even reincarnate Adventist faith and practice: just because you're trying to be profound doesn't mean you should use the kind of obfuscating bafflegab they encourage in graduate school. I won't believe what you say, after all, if I can't understand what you say. 
  • In the past, I've avoided Facebook, believing it to be one of the tools that will be used to round up humans when the aliens land in their giant turquoise saucers . . . but now the Oregon Conference tells me it will using Facebook to disseminate news of calls and such. So I'm wondering what I should know before I set up my own page. What should I be sure to do -- and what should I be sure I avoid?
  • So you're working on a religious liberty sermon, and you're looking for news updates on all the bad things that are happening to Christians? Try BosNewsLife.
  • Speaking of which . . . I'm beginning to believe that pastors who feel they need to speak out on political issues should be required to take the Intercollegiate Studies Institute's Civic Literacy Quiz. (The average American, for what it' worth, answered half the questions wrong.)
  • And I'll close with this quote from Wendell Berry: "To have given up illusory hope is not to be hopeless."


    Marty said...

    Facebook Eh? I miss the days when you got a letter from the conference and they assumed you got it. The electronic means such as email and enewsletters and now social networks allow them to think they have gotten through to you but sometimes it is easier to forget or dare say ignore than the good old fashion letter.

    We all have so much in our inboxes now that it will be a while before I even get to read it and respond to it.

    At least they didn't go twitter.

    Ansku said...

    Put minimal information on your page at first, then learn to use Facebook and pay special attention to the privacy settings (they just became worse) and once you have a sense of how it works, then add information and stuff on your page.

    Have fun!