Sunday, December 06, 2009

Odds & Ends

  • We've had clear but cold weather all week here on the Oregon Coast (and by "cold," I mean "frost in the morning with a daytime high of 40-degrees"). No wonder the dog doesn't want to go outside!
  • Putting books on the Web raises troubling ethical issues . . . but not so many that I don't use the Google Books version of The Jewish Study Bible when I'm preparing sermons and Sabbath School lessons. It gives me a perspective I don't usually get -- one that is scholarly, liberal, and (surprise!) Jewish.
  • I don't get facebook -- and the more I look at it, read about it, and talk with the people who use it, the less I understand its attraction. What am I missing here? (And does this mean I've joined the ranks of the terminally fogey?)
  • Average hours spent watching TV by 14- to 25-year-olds: 10.5 hours per week. By 62- to 75-year-olds: 21.5 hours per week. (Source: YouthWorker Journal).
  • And I'll close with this quote from John Calvin: "The chief part of the service of God consists in this, that the faithful should openly show that they acknowledge God to be the author of all good things."


David Hamstra said...

On Facebook, you could post all these tidbits as status updates as you find them. Plus, you have a ready made network of people checking on what you have to say.

Pastor Greg said...

But . . . don't I have that already?

Ansku said...

Thanks for the Tanakh study guide -tip!

And yes, I love Facebook. Reason: I can share bits of my everyday life with people I've known through the years around the world. It's good to connect with them.

David Hamstra said...

I find my network of friends on FB adds about 25 extra visitors when I link to new content on my blog from there.

Pastor Greg said...

The Oregon Conference tells me that news about calls and such will soon be handled on Facebook. (Sigh.) Looks like I now have all the reason I need to sign up.