Tuesday, December 01, 2009

How to raise perfect children

Many people have asked how I managed to raise two wonderful, intelligent, kind, and hard-working children . . . and while I've often detected a note of incredulity in their question, I've decided it is time to pass along my tips on how to raise perfect children.

And did I mention my children are also talented?

Step One
Marry the perfect spouse. This will make your task much easier.

Step Two
Have children who make good choices. Again, this will make your task much easier.

Step Three
I've also found that Starbucks Gift Cards are helpful -- don't know why, but they are.

And did I mention that my children also have a sense of humor?

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Art and Ronda King said...

I just discovered your blog Greg, and I'm enjoying it!

Yes, I think you have covered about all the essentials on raising perfect children! The only thing you missed is the art of giving them good advice. As Harry Truman said; "I find out what they want to do, then I advise them to do it."