Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Dealing with Depression

It's that time of year when everybody runs an article on depression in the ministry -- so why should I be any different? Here's a quick list of what's helped me:
  • Prescription medicines: The good news is they worked for me. The bad news is that it took about two weeks for them to kick in -- and even at that, I was lucky. About a third of the time, after all, the meds they give you don't work, and you need to try something else. (And by the way -- talk with your doctor before you quit your meds. Coming off Effexor gave me a week's worth of panic attacks.)
  • Exercise: It took three years on Effexor before I felt like trying this -- but it's kept me going ever since. Trust me: regular exercise is the single best way I've found to prevent and treat depression.
So what's the toughest part about dealing with depression?

Admitting you need help -- once you've done that, things do get easier . . . in time.

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