Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Whither Tuesday?

Okay, I'm looking for advice: what should I do with Tuesday's column on this blog?

Sunday is simple -- just slap together a list of the items and observations I've been collecting all week, and I'm done.

And Thursday is pretty straightforward -- all I need to do is carefully and lovingly handcraft an essay about the Sabbath School lesson for that week, and Bob's your uncle.

But Tuesday . . . Tuesday was meant to be a surprise. It could be a how-to, a product review, a short essay, or pretty much anything.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of other blogs out there that are narrowly focused on just one topic . . . and as a result, they're doing a much better job of covering that topic than I could in an an occasional column on Tuesday.

And that is probably the reason why my Tuesday column gets fewer readers than anything else I do.

So . . . I'm looking for advice. Should I:

a) drop Tuesday's column?
b) keep writing Tuesday's column?
c) keep writing Tuesday's column, but make it a regular column about _____? (And if you choose this option, I'd appreciate it if you filled in the blank.)
d) Forget the blog, and start doing something on Facebook.



Ansku said...

Keep writing it! About anything.

If you have less readers on Tuesdays, it says nothing bad about your Tuesday column. Maybe your readers just are busy and read it later in the week together with the Thursday column!

David Hamstra said...

I like your Tuesday eclecticism. If you pick an issue that someone else is covering better, cover it differently. Give your unique perspective, and your loyal readers will find it valuable.

Kevin said...

I enjoy the wanderings of your mind and though. Keep writing often.