Sunday, November 29, 2009

Odds & Ends

  • Blue skies, and temperatures in the mid-40s -- perfect weather for students driving back to college after Thanksgiving break.
  • Anybody know if the church has taken a stand on medical marijuana -- and lacking that, does anybody have any thoughts about the ethics of church members using it? I'm guessing pastors in Canada and California deal with this more than most . . . but it's popping up here in Oregon too.
  • Somewhere along the way, David Hamstra's apocalupto has become the blog-of-record for what's happening at our seminary in Michigan. Now if I could just get him to post more often . . .
  • And I'll close with this quote from Charles de Foucauld: "We absolutely owe it to our Lord never to be afraid of anything."

1 comment:

David Hamstra said...

1) Good to find a fellow Ricks reader.

2) I promise to get right on it once finals are over.