Sunday, November 22, 2009

Odds & Ends

  • Last night's windstorm has given way to calm and sunshine. (There's a sermon illustration in there somewhere, but I can't think what it is.)
  • In its lessons on the Book of Numbers, the Adult Sabbath School Quarterly has pointed out that grumbling against Moses and Aaron was A Very Bad Thing -- and with this has come the obvious corollary that we should treat church leaders with respect. But in this week's lesson, Moses and Aaron are both held accountable for their mistakes. What kind of contemporary application does this suggest . . . and what are the chances the Quarterly will make it?
  • If I were the dean of an SDA School of Theology, I'd steal an idea from Gordon-Conwell Seminary and start offering classes, lectures, and chapels through iTunes U; I'd also borrow its idea of continuing eduction classes for people who are already in the ministry, but don't feel like pursuing another degree. I'm just saying.
"The First Law of Demographics is: You cannot count on people to change. You can, however, count on them to die.

"That means that members of one generation should not try to predict the future based on their experience. As they die off, they will be replaced by a generation with different life experiences that have produced different attitudes. Not necessarily better, but certainly different. And in this fashion, questions that obsessed one generation sometimes never really get answered; they just end up sounding more and more archaic."

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David Hamstra said...

There were some people at the Andrews trying to get Seminary lectures on iTunes U. The Sem has a pretty strict recording policy because what they teach is so politicized in our church.