Sunday, November 01, 2009

Odds & Ends

  • Blue skies on the Oregon Coast -- just in time for pastors' meetings! (But bring a jacket; right now it's 46-degrees out there!)
  • My prediction: ministry to senior citizens will be in the 21st-century what ministry to youth was in the 20th. (But without the lock-ins.) That's why I'm bookmarking articles such as "Helping Grandpa Get His Tech On."
  • I've been having fun preaching through the Book of Exodus -- but now I've come to Exodus 20, and I'm looking for ideas. Do I preach one sermon on the law, two sermons on the two parts of the law, ten sermons on the ten commandments . . . or so I give it a break and preach on something else? Any ideas out there?
  • And I'll close with this quote from Woody Allen: "History repeats itself. It has to. Nobody listens the first time around."

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