Thursday, October 15, 2009

This week's lesson: Numbers 7-8

Okay, so I'm reading the seventh-chapter of Numbers -- and I'm thinking, "wedding gifts."

I mean, it's all there: the new home, the presentation of gifts for the new home, the meticulous list of who gave what for that home: thus-and-so many platters, thus-and-so many bowls, thus-and-so many crock-pots, cheese trays, and pickle forks . . .

And yes, they gave duplicate gifts too!

Granted, the written record of who gave what is not all that exciting . . . but anyone who thinks it's not important has not been paying attention to the advice columns in their local newspaper -- advice columns that invariably carry a letter from "Angry in Atlanta" who's upset because she gave her niece a case of motor-oil for a wedding present, and even though it's been six months she still hasn't received a thank-you note!

No, gifts are important. Saying thank-you is important. Keeping track of who gave what is important -- even if it was nothing more than a plastic butter dish from your second-cousin in Oklahoma, or a young goat from one of those obscure tribes whose name you never could remember. (Gad? Naphtali? Something like that.)

So the next time you're in church . . . and you're wincing through special music from someone whose light really should have been hidden under a bushel-basket . . . then just remember:

This is a gift.

It's gift for God -- not you.

And no gift is so poor that God won't accept it, remember it, and thank the person who gave it . . .

Just as He did in Numbers 7.

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