Tuesday, October 13, 2009

DIY: Communion Kit

Shut-ins and hospital patients often request communion -- but the communion kits you can buy are expensive, easily broken, and hard to clean. (This last point is especially important if you're like me, and tend to forget your communion kit and leave it in the car for several weeks at a time.)

That's why I made my own. It's not elegant, but my church members don't seem to mind -- if anything, it makes them feel as though we're having a picnic. (And in a way, I suppose we are).

So . . . starting from the upper-left corner, here's what's in it:

A. Gideon Bible with the passages marked I'll be using. (Generally, this will be Psalm 23 and I Corinthians 11:23-26.)

B. Yup, it's Tupperware.

C. Plastic bottles are difficult to clean; that's why I carry the grape juice in a glass bottle. (And yes, you're right -- this one used to hold Listerine.)

D. Plastic communion cups. (The plastic sleeve in which they're stored is the only thing that remains of the fancy communion kit my church once purchased for me).

E. Communion bread goes in the Altoids tin. (Okay, so it looks a little tacky -- but if I drop it, it won't pop open and scatter communion bread across the floor.)

F. A cloth napkin makes a nice tablecloth for a bedside table in a hospital or nursing home; it's also useful for mopping up spills.

G. Hand-sanitizer -- after all, I am handling food.

Not shown: olive oil for anointing. I've found it's best to keep this in a small, shampoo bottle (like the ones you get free in motels); anything with a larger mouth will tend to give you more than you wanted at the time.


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Made me giggle when the page opened up, but very smart! Love it.