Thursday, September 24, 2009

This week's lesson: III John

Diotrephes, you know.

Every church has one (not to mention every workplace, every softball team, and almost every third-grade classroom). Bossy and opinionated, he's a back-stabbing control-freak who loves to cause trouble for anyone who gets in his way.

And no, you don't need to figure out just exactly what it was that angered the Diotrephes mentioned in III John. It could have been the kind of proto-gnostic heresy mentioned in I & II John . . . or it could have been something else entirely.

When you're dealing with a Diotrephes, after all, there's always something.

Or as one of my seminary professors put it, "Some of our church members are crazy!"

And some are.

But not all of them.

No, the Diotrepheses of this world we shall always have with us . . . but so too there will always be people like Gaius and Demetrius -- people who walk in God's truth and welcome God's people. To be sure, we don't always notice them the way we do a Diotrephes; they don't demand our attention in the same way as a Diotrephes.

But their friendship is as constant as their support -- and for that we should be glad.

So don't spend all your time worrying about the Diotrephes in your life -- and don't let him always be setting the church's agenda, either.

No, Diotrephes you know.

But when was the last time you noticed Gaius and Demetrius?

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Rich DuBose said...

Excellent thoughts. Thanks for sharing.