Sunday, September 13, 2009

Odds & Ends

  • After considerable experimentation, we have finally achieved the perfect weather for a weekend on the Oregon Coast: nice weather on Friday (to bring the tourists here), rain on Sabbath morning (so they skip the beach and come to church), and a sunny Sabbath afternoon (so the kids can go outside).
  • I've always felt slightly guilty about the fact that I'm not one of those people who rise at 4 AM with a song in my heart and the desire to spend the next three hours in Bible study and prayer. But now it turns out those "morning people" generally crash and burn early on . . . while us "night owls" just keep churning out the work. (h/t to Lifehacker)
  • Do you know CPR? No, I didn't think I needed to know it either -- not until a woman collapsed after church. (Fortunately, she was just dehydrated . . . but she was almost trampled to death by the rush of people who came to her assistance!)
  • Interesting statistic from the Oregon Conference's statistical report: last year it spent $9 million on "pastoral resources" -- and over $12 million on "teacher resources." (Now I know why one administrator told me the only thing that kept him awake at night was the cost of Adventist schools!)
  • Traffic would have been down this week, but this site got an incredible number of hits on Friday from Brazil. Aside from that, the top spots for foreign visitors were the United Kingdom, Finland, and Russia (not to mention my first-ever visitor from Serbia). And the top spots for North American visitors were the usual suspects: British Columbia, Oregon, California, and Colorado. (So what's happened to my visitors from Washington -- have you people lost Internet service, or what?)
  • I'll close with this quote from Will Rogers: "If stupidity got us into this mess, then why can't it get us out?"


gwalter said...

I agree about the morning vs. nightowl people. My quip: "If God had meant for mornings to be enjoyed, He would have put them later in the day." ;)

So, is the Oregon Conference in the education business, or the Christian business? 4:3? Really? It's killing us.

Heather Ann said...

Hurray for night owls! Glad to know there is something positive about it! ^_^ Now maybe we can vote in a later church service! (Just kidding...)